Young woman burnt alive in Chennai by stalker; Mother and Sister also got injured

Young woman burnt alive in Chennai by stalker; Mother and Sister also got injured

Last night young woman set on fire in Chennai by a stalker. She died after stalker an unknown man allegedly burnt her. As per the reports, her mother and sister have also got injured. This incident took place in the Adambakkam area of Chennai. And young woman identified as Induja. As per the reports, the person who set her on fire is a stalker of her. Although, nothing is cleared yet why he burnt her alive along with sister and mother. It has reported that mother was suffered from 49% of burns while sister have also got injured and both were taken to the Intensive Care Unit of Hospital.

According to reports, the stalker was identified as Ashok living in the neighbourhood who landed outside Induja’s residence on Monday night along with petrol. And when they opened the door he poured the can of petrol on Induja. And in between Induja mother, Renuka and her sister Nivedha were also got injured. However, Induja and her family had refused to talk with Ashok initially as he is claiming that he just wanted to speak to Indhuja for a few minutes.

It has reported that Ashok in love with Induja an engineering graduate working in a company for the last few months. And she quitted the job last month as Ashok was continuously stalking her. Induja’s uncle said that Ashok was stalking Induja since her father went abroad for some work.

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