Yes Mom trending on Twitter to empower mothers to boost children’s immunity

Yes Mom trending on Twitter to empower mothers to boost children’s immunity

Yes Mom movement is trending on Twitter with the hashtag ‘Yes mom’. The Yes mom campaign empowers all the mothers to boost the confidence of children with the use of simple affirmation ‘YES’. This movement was initiated by the ActivKids Immuno Boosters company. The company has spread over across the world with a video which showed how children reacted on mother No word. As per the movement of Yes mom; Yes is the word that brings hope, encouragement and positivity. #Yesmom is the community of the mother who believes in the power of ‘Yes’ and wants to participate in the parenting movement of Yes mom. To join the Yes mom community you can visit the and tap the join the community.

The movement aims to bring the positive change in the lives of the children. It empowers the word, Yes to boost up the confidence of children. However, the video has shown the truth that how mothers restrict their children with some silly reasons that turned into a severe problem.

However, Yes mom movement is here to encourage all the mothers to say Yes to boost their children’s confidence. As the strong immunity lays the foundation of healthy kids and it gives mother a confidence to say ‘Yes’ to a lot of things kid’s desire to do. It focuses on enhancing immunity of children rather than restricting for going out. Watch here this amazing video with a great message.

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