Bigg Boss 11: Gauhar Khan slams Shilpa Shinde for “Torturing” Vikas in the house

Bigg Boss 11: Gauhar Khan slams Shilpa Shinde for “Torturing” Vikas in the house

Gauhar Khan has now slammed Shilpa Shinde’s tactics in the Bigg Boss house. In the last episode, Shilpa began screaming and shouting at Vikas while he was in Kal Kothari, accusing him of casting couch and destroying her life outside of the house. The two have a very tumultuous relationship, as Vikas was the producer on the show, Bhabi Ji Ghari Par Hai!, which eventually caused Shilpa to be banned from the television industry. Shilpa and Vikas have been fighting and making up since they came into the house, but yesterday, things took a darker turn when he began crying and threatened to leave the house.

Gauhar Khan, who is a former contestant on the show criticized Shilpa’s continuing verbal assault on Vikas in her tweets, and said that even if Vikas was responsible for ending Shilpa’s career, it still doesn’t giver her the right to do this to him.

Gauhar Khan has been following the show for quite some time and has spoken about other topics about the Gharwalas, but this is the first time that she has openly opposed the the actions of a Gharwala. It remains to be seen what will be the consequences of Shilpa’s actions will be, but outside the house, people are far from appreciating them.


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