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World Mental Health Day 2018 : Awareness And Social Stigma

World Mental Health Day 2018 : Awareness And Social Stigma
Written by Srishty Puri

World Mental Health day is on October ,10. According to study conducted by world health organization it shows that one in five Indians are suffering from depression in their lifetime. As we all know, there are many people who are suffering from mental health problems and it becomes very difficult for the individual to operate in such society where social stigma is attached to it. We have broadly divided the spectrum into two as “normal” and “abnormal” but failed to understand that there is a disjuncture in the working of their mind and body ie problem of articulation ,how to express and enunciate their thoughts ,feelings and beliefs.Something which we may define as abnormal is not actually abnormal but rather unique or different ”misfits” . Their perspective to look at society is beyond society conventions.Society enforces certain straitjackets upon individuals especially on those with psychological disorder or mental dysfunction ie schizophrenia,hypochondriasis,Post traumatic stress disorder ,Bipolar mood disorder and Borderline personality disorders.

This discrimination and prejudices often worsen their situation instead of making them feel good. There are certain faulty deceptions,stereotypes attached to it.Our main focus should be to have good relationships with them , talk to them ,let their fear and anger come out but what our society is doing ? Neglecting the innocents,naive and gullible.If we talk about the causes or read case studies and research we would find that the reasons are always the person in authority be it your teachers or parents who instruct you to abide by certain rules and custom behaviour ,it can sometimes be peer pressure,alchol or other drugs abuse.They have internalized this social stigma and starts reacting to it accordingly .They have become so used to such experiences and situations that it reflects in their actions and behaviour.

Losing of near and dear ones may lead to stress and anxiety disorders.They tend to make an ideological image of somebody really close to them to share their problems.There is an utter lack of communication .We must start thinking and understanding it now .Engage with people is the most effective remedy and should not alienate or isolate them for they are also the part of the same whole .Your thinking can change the world and can save and better the life of any one .Such people are god gifted and have different creative capabilities .In today’s world where every person is trying to outshine the other ,we must not underestimate them .Emanciapte and build healthy relationships.

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