Triple Talaq bill to be tabled in Parliament on friday

Triple Talaq bill to be tabled in Parliament on friday

Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar in a statement said that the Triple Talaq bill would be tabled in Parliament tomorrow. On 15 December 2017, Union cabinet had cleared the bill which proposed a clear ban on Triple Talaq, meaning a male spouse won’t be able to divorce his wife by telling her “Talaq” three times. The practice of Triple Talaq will be deemed illegal and the person committing it will be facing criminal charges and punishment, if the bill comes into play.

The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill is specifically made for the women who have to face humiliation and discrimination when their spouse divorce them abruptly over phone or even whatsapp messages.

In August, Supreme Court had also ruled that “Triple Talaq” will be considered illegal, even though the practice had still considered and cases were still being heard of men divorcing their wives on phones and mobile messaging.

The bill help the women who are the victims of the practice to approach the court and take significant measure against their husband. However the bill has faced a considerable amount of push back from the Muslim community, who feel that the practice has been linked to their religion for long and can’t just be considered illegal based on some cases. Moreover the Muslim community has not been approached for the making of the bill, and there has been no interference from the community as far as the making of the bill is considered.

Every member of the parliament has been sent a copy of the bill, so that they can read it in advance and won’t have too many questions when it is being discussed in the meeting. There is positivist around the bill, and it is probable that it will soon be implemented by the authorities to give relief to Muslim women.

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