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Top-3 reasons of BJP-PDP Alliance breaking in Jammu and Kashmir

Top-3 reasons of BJP-PDP Alliance breaking in Jammu and Kashmir
Written by Abhishek Lohia

The PDP-BJP alliance government in Jammu and Kashmir has been fallen. BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav announced that while considering the current situation in Kashmir, BJP is not in a position to support PDP under the leadership of Mehbooba Mufti. He accused Mehbooba Mufti by saying that terrorist violence has increased in recent times and the fundamental rights of the people are in danger. He also cited the issue of journalist Shujaat Bukhari(murdered in last week). He said that there is no valid point till now to support to the PDP in such a situation. However BJP is giving these reasons as they pulls back their support from the government, but the question arises that the three-year-old alliance government has fallen due to these reasons?

1) Ceasefire in Ramadan

In the Kashmir Valley on the occasion of Ramzan, the center announced the operation Blackout against the terrorists. But it did not have any positive effect on the valley. Stalking and terrorist activities have increased during this time. Senior journalist Shujaat Bukhari was killed in the middle of Srinagar. After that Ramzan ended on 17th June, the government withdrew the ceasefire declaration and said that now the action against terrorists will continue as soon as. Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s party PDP was against this decision. The PDP was in favor of stepping forward to this ceasefire to get its lost political land in the valley. While the Center had assessed that the situation in Kashmir is worsening, it is not appropriate to increase it.

2) For 2019 General Elections 

Three years ago, in Jammu and Kashmir Assembly elections, PDP got 28 seats while BJP got 25 seats out of the 87 seats Assembly. After several months of conversation, the PDP-BJP government came under the leadership of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed. After the death of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, the round of challenges began before the alliance government. It is said that the people of the valley considered this coalition an unmatched decision of Central Government.

3) Mehbooba Mufti’s relation with BJP Ministers

PDP’s modern leader Mehbooba Mufti’s political relationship was not satisfactory with J&K BJP ministers since making the alliance. After the Kathua Gangrape, BJP ministers including its Deputy Chief Minister had resigned from their post. After that, Mehbooba got some relief from the announcement of a ceasefire ban in Ramadan. However, She tried to take credit for the fact that the Center accepted the ceasefire ban due to her efforts in return for peace and tranquility in the valley. The more it happens, the more benefits Mehbooba Mufti gets, and if she does not, she was ready for resignation as CM Post. But BJP ends all mess-up. 

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