Toothukundi Anti-sterlite protest: Net services suspended for 5 days, death toll rises to 13

Toothukundi Anti-sterlite protest: Net services suspended for 5 days, death toll rises to 13

The Internet services have been disbanded for 5 days in Toothukundi. The services were suspended at 9 pm yesterday.67 people have been arrested for committing violence in the region till now, while protesting against Sterlite production. The death toll has risen to 13 people, because of firing by the police. There have been no further instance of violence and protests in the region, as the police have controlled the situation. The violence erupted on May 22 2018, when people began to pelt stones and overturning the police vehicles when they were denied march toward the Sterlite corporation. The police retaliated with lathi charge and tear gasses, and has to open fire on the protesters.

Some of the protesters went up to district collectors office, and set fire to every vehicle that was present inside the premises. Not content with the havoc, they also attacked an ambulance van that was set inside the hospital, and threw out all the medicines that were kept in it.

The Madurai bench of Madras High Court put a stay on the construction of copper smelter by the sterlite industries yesterday. Section 144 of CrPC has also been invoked in the region to keep a control on the violence and people. The Sterlite Company has been out of functioning since 27 march, and people of Toothukundi have been protesting against the construction for 3 months.  Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board had rejected the appeal of the corporation for the renewal of the license, hence, it can’t begin work until the authorities have approved and given a new license. It is owned by Vedanta corporation. Sterlite Corporation had asked the state government to provide protection to the employees of the company and expressed concern and sadness at the outcome of the protests.

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