Tamil Nadu BJP Chief nominated PM Modi for Peace Nobel Prize

Tamil Nadu BJP Chief nominated PM Modi for Peace Nobel Prize

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been nominated for Nobel Prize. This nomination is done by Tamil Nadu Sundararajan, state president of BJP in Tamil Nadu. In the nomination, it has been said that PM Modi has started the world’s largest health plan in the form of Ayushman Bharat Scheme. For this, he should be awarded by Nobel Peace Prize. Sundarajan is the head of the Nephrology Department at a private university. Recently, on the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Sundararajan give a gold ring to the baby born in the Primary Health Center. Party state unit president T. Sundarajan gave a gold ring to the newborn in a government-run PHC located in Parsaavkamkam, Central Chennai. He also gave other gifts to other newborns born in the past few days at the center.

Sundararajan said that the party had announced that all children born in PHC will be awarded by a gold ring gift. However, only one child was born at the center. He said, ‘I gave a child a gold ring (born on Monday). We have given gifts to other 17-18 newborns of the health center. ‘

So far, Mother Teresa and Kailash Satyarthi have received Nobel Peace Prize in India. Apart from this, Rabindra Nath Tagore got in the field of literature, doctor CV Raman in the field of physics, Amartya Sen in economics has also won Nobel prize.

Raghuram Rajan could win Nobel in Economics

According to a news of the Wall Street Journal, Rajan’s name is also on the list of potential six candidates prepared by Clarervet Analytics. However, having a name in this list does not mean that Rajan is the frontrunner of the award, but he is one of the potential contenders to win it. Clareweight Analytics creates a list of dozens of potential winners on the basis of research work based on the Nobel Prize. According to this firm, Rajan is being considered as a contender of the award for his contribution in lighting the dimensions of decisions in corporate finance.

History of Nobel Prize

Alfred Noble, the inventor of wealthy Swedish entrepreneurship and dynamite, founded the Nobel Prize. This award is given for medical, physics, chemistry, literature and peace. The first Noble was given in 1901 after five years of Noble’s death. The economy Nobel prize is given by the Bank of Sweden in memory of Alfred Noble. It started in 1968.

People across the world can apply for the Nobel Prize. It includes professors, lawyers, lawmakers, formerly nominated people and people who have received awards. Even people in the committee can give their names for the prize.


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