Shubhangi Swaroop becomes the first ever Indian Navy pilot

Shubhangi Swaroop becomes the first ever Indian Navy pilot

Shubhangi Swaroop has become the first ever Indian Navy pilot. Shubhangi, along with three women, were among the 328 midshipmen and cadets who were able to pass out of the Ezhimala Naval Academy, situated in Kerala. Shubhangi, who hails from Uttar Pradesh, can be expected to fly the Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft and the other three female candidates are going to join the navy soon. Naval Armament Inspectorate (NAI) has never included a woman before, so this must be a proud moment for Shubhangi and her family as well. She is the daughter of Naval commander Gyan Swaroop and will now be traveling to Air Force Academy in Hyderabad, to practice and train as a professional pilot.

There have been several woman officers in the Indian Navy, but Shbhangi is the first to have been cleared for the NAI, and this is a large point in the progression of woman officers in the Indian Army.

As can be seen by the appreciation and the feeling of happiness across the social media that has spread after this news, it is an important step in the progress of woman and their careers in the Army. We applaud Shubhangi and wish her a successful career ahead in her profession.

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