The Supreme Court has restricted the Jammu and Kashmir police from taking any “coercive actions” against Major Aditya. Aditya had been booked in the case of firing at people who had pelted stones at the army in Shopian, Jammu. Now, the police won’t be able to interrogate Aditya, neither can he be arrested based on the FIR that had been filed against him during the Shopian incident. Lt Col Karamveer Singh, father of Aditya, had filed a petition in the court to address the FIR that had been lodged against his son, and now the court has asked the J&K government to file a response on it. Asihwarya Bhati, advocate, said that the decision made by the court was positive and encouraging.

Attorney General, K K Venugopal has also been asked to help the court to clear the stand of the center on the issue of FIR being issues against the soldiers or army men in relation to the operations. t Major Aditya’s name had been mentioned in the FIR, because three people were killed in firing at protesters in Shopian on January 27. However, the Army had tried to clarify that the soldiers had only opened fire because they had been trapped by 200 hundred stone pelters, and had reacted in desperation.

Lt Col Karamveer Singh, who is a Kargil war veteran, stated in his petition, “The unlawful assembly refused to spare the Junior Commissioned Officer and, therefore, fire was lawfully opened on the unlawful assembly with the aim of dispersing the violent mob and protecting government servants and property.”

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