Sharad Yadav moves High Court against his disqualification from Rajya Sabha

Sharad Yadav moves High Court against his disqualification from Rajya Sabha
Written by Abhishek Rana

Sharad Yadav has now moved the High Court against his disqualification from the Rajya Sabha seat. The JD(U) had disqualified him because of the accusation that he had attended the rally that were managed by the opposition party, and such an action had already been condemned by the members of the party. However, Yadav had taken to twitter to comment on his disqualification and said that he will continue to fight for democracy, and he had been disqualified on wrong ground of just talking about his party in a negative light. He has now taken steps to ensure that the party will at least be answerable as to why they kicked him out of the party.

The main grounds for his disqualification seem to be that he had repeatedly maligned the JD(U) party in his statements to the press and in public, and such action are not tolerated, and must be answered with an exit from the party. He has also been accused of committing anti party activities, even though he had been told by Nitish Kumar, who is the leader of the party, to refrain from commenting negatively about the party and its members to anyone.

Another of the accusation made against him is that he campaigned with the opposition part, RJD, which caused him to lose his place and seat in the party and Rajya Sabha.

However, Yadav has often said during the time he was asked that he hasn’t committed any anti party activities and has been committed to the JD(U). He has also said that even though he has been heard talking against the party, does not mean that he can be kicked out of the party. As for the evidence that was presented by the members against him, he has said that newspapers and videos are not solid enough to warrant a resignation.


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