Shahrukh Khan’s boat obstructed the way of tourists, claims MLC Jayant Patil

Shahrukh Khan’s boat obstructed the way of tourists, claims MLC Jayant Patil

Bollywood’s Superstar Shahrukh Khan’s boat obstructed the movement of commoners to Alibaug claimed MCL Jayant Patil. Recently, a video of Peasants & Workers Party MCL Jayant Patil went viral on the social media where he is shouting at someone in a boat at Gateway of India. Later on, MLC Patil claimed that King Khan boat has caused inconvenience for the people who were travelling to Alibaug. Also alleged that Police over there was behaving like personal servants of Shahrukh Khan. As per the reports, Patil said on 3rd November 2017, he was at gate no 1 of Gateway of India where Shah Rukh Khan was seen on a boat and saw gesturing fans from the boat, blew kisses said hie, etc.

Following his gesturing for 20 minutes from the boat caused inconvenience and obstructed the way of several tourists including commoners. Also, MLC Patil said he will take this matter to the legislature. He said “In between police over there started pushing crowd, however, one of the senior policemen identified me and made the way for me. Then he came to know that Shah Rukh Khan was going to his farmhouse in Alibaug for his birthday.”

However, the MLC Patil has cleared in his statement that he was not shouting at Shah Rukh Khan. He was just boarding the boat. And said that he will be raised this matter to the upcoming session of the legislature.

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