Sachin Tendulkar speaks up on Social Media, after being silenced in Parliament

Sachin Tendulkar speaks up on Social Media, after being silenced in Parliament

Sachin Tendulkar has spoken up on YouTube, after he wasn’t allowed to speak in Parliament yesterday. Sachin posted a tweeted with a link on YouTube, in which he talks about the health of India as a country. He says that even though India is going to be the youngest nation of the world by 2020, it is the diabetic capital of the world, with 75 million people who are suffering from diabetes. He tells that we are number 3 when it comes to people suffering from Obesity. He also introduces the framework of three Is in the video: Invest, Insure and Immortalize. He goes on to say that people must invest in their health and insure their wellness. This can be done if people start adopting an active sport, and play it regularly.

He asks the government to give more access to students to play sports and infrastructure that enable them to play. And that people should concentrate on building “smart sport cities”. Asking parents to encourage their children to play and participate in games and sports, so that they can create their interest in the different types of fields.

He also points out that so many daughters of India have made India proud in the field of Sports and they should also be encouraged to play and find their success. He then proposes the “Right to play” which comes along with “Right to education” according to which a child must be allowed to play at least one sport in his or her school so that he or she develops the inclination toward maintaining his or her health. He ends the video by saying that the is going to be proud that day, when sports are also accepted as a part of daily schedule in the life of every Indian citizen and keeps them healthy.


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