Sabarimala Temple Case; Religion conflict Rising Across Kerala

Sabarimala Temple Case; Religion conflict Rising Across Kerala
Written by Karu Cheema

The Supreme Court judgement of striking down the rule of girls and women from entering the Sabarimala temple in kerala is rising religion conflict across kerala. In the verdict Chief Justice Dipak Misra headed constitution bench in a 4-1 and saying the temple rule violated their right to equality and right to worship. As per the constitution law the Supreme Court declared the right under article 25 (1). The temple was set to open today and the was set to implement the Supreme Court order but right before that could have happened, the protesters came out with ordinance against the SC order. The Hindu groups have filed petition against SC verdict so the traditions of the temple can be preserved.

The protests have increased in Kerala and other parts of the country. The temple management board had held a crucial meeting regarding the matter. The meeting had invited representatives of the Pandalam Royal family and various Hindu organisations to discuss the matter.According to SC verdict excluding women from the temple at Sabarimala is not an essential religious practice and constitution must stand with them to maintain the right of equal citizenship. Article 25(1) of the constitution deals with the freedom of conscience of free profession, practice and propagation of religious practice.

Let’s see what Supreme Court against the petition submitted by Hindu groups. After the major decisions taken by Supreme Court like #377 and #497, it will huge one to stand against the women discrimination when it comes to different religious practice. This issue has many angles to look at, as Hindu religion is vast and have different practice in temples according to the believers. This again leaves us to the question whether the restriction of women entry should remain or be removed as per the latest verdict of the Supreme court.

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