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Raksha Bandhan Pooja vidhi 2017 : know more about date, time, mantra and story for this rakhi

Raksha Bandhan Pooja vidhi 2017 : know more about date, time, mantra and story for this rakhi

In Hinduism, Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is celebrated as a festival for brothers and sisters but interestingly Pooja Vidhi and Shubh Mahurat during the festival holds Great importance.This day stands for the reunification of brother and sister. As It symbolizes the society’s respect for all women. The day gives every man the noble outlook to consider every woman as mother or sister. As per Shiva Purana, there’s an interesting story behind Raksha Bandhan. Sun was married to Vishwakarma’s daughter Samjna, It says that Samjna is more beautiful than her husband. They have three children, Manu, Yama, and the Yamuna. But she was unable to bear Sun’s dark form and hence Samjna left her house and flees back to her father.

She creates a shadow woman of her own, Chaya, and asks her to stay with her husband. Chaaya and Sun have a son of their own. Like the stereotypical step mother, Chaya was more concerned about her own son. Manu accepted the situation as it is, but Yama revolted. In his anger and through the force of future destiny, Yama threatened the shadow of Samjna with his foot. As a result, Chaaya cursed Yama and said Let that foot of yours fall. Yama went and reported it to Sun and also asked him to revert the curse. Sun concluded that Chhaya could not be Yama’s mother. He grasped Chhaya by the hair and the truth came out. Sun then went to Vishwakarma in search of Samjna. and It was discovered that Samjna had done all this because she could not bear the energy of her husband. Vishwakarma chiseled off some of Sun’s energy so that his radiance become muted. On this occasion, Sun saves Yama from Death, As a result, Yama becomes the God of Death, Yama, and Tamuna, the first mortal twins of Sun, loved each other a lot. As Yama becomes the king of the Land of the Dead, Yamuna mourned for her brother whom she would never see again. From Yami’s tears flowed the river Yamuna. This ritual is a sorrowful reminder of the parting faced by Yama and Yamuna. On this day the brother pays a visit to his sister’s house.

On this special occasion, there were certain Pooja Vidhis performed by the sisters are like

  1. At First, Rakhi is offered to Lord Ganesha or the Krishna
  2. Then Sister applies tilak to the brother and ties rakhis on the right wrist of the brother.
  3. A coconut is given to the brother and the sister also offers some sweets to her brother.
  4. In return, Brother gives the gifts to their sisters.
  5. For married people, the sister applies tilak to Bhabhi and On the bangles of the left hand, the sister ties the Lumba.
  6. Bhabhi(Sister in law) is given gut and some sweets to eat. The Bhabhi gives some Pagalagai to the sister.

Shubh Mahurat for Raksha Bandhan on 7th August 2017 starts from 11:05 am IST till 13:52 pm, After 12 years Lunar eclipse falling on Raksha Bandhan.

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