Indian Navy officer arrested for a bomb hoax in Air India flight AI-147

Indian Navy officer arrested for a bomb hoax in Air India flight AI-147

An Indian Navy officer was detained on Sunday, after he allegedly claimed of someone carrying a bomb in Air India, which eventually turned out to be a hoax. An CISF official, who manages security at all airports said , the accused officer has denied of making any bomb claim and was reportedly detained by police in Jodhpur.

The Navy officer allegedly warned the airline crew of a bomb on the aircraft flying from Delhi to Jaipur via Jodhpur when he was denied permission to de-board at Jodhpur as he had booked the flight up to Jaipur.

Officer reportedely had a tiff with the airline staff when flight touched down at Jodhpur. Airline staff did not allowed him to deboard due to security reason , in turn, he reportedely threatened the crew he was carrying a bomb. The Passenger was then handed over to the police. Lately Air India has seen spikes in such incidents , involving crew and passengers. The airline said the incident took place on AI 475 flight with 175 passengers on-board on the Delhi-Jodhpur-Jaipur route.

“At Jodhpur, a person who claimed to be a naval officer wanted to de-board. For security reason, deboarding was not allowed… he forcibly tried to deboard… he revealed he had planted a bomb on the flight and that was the reason he wanted to deboard,” the AI spokesman said.

He said the CISF was alerted and all passengers evacuated. It was a part of Standard Operating Procedure and security check lasted from 2 pm to 6 pm , flight took off from Jodhpur to Jaipur at 6.30 PM.

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