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Rahul Gandhi asks students to rise up, calls Bye Bye to UPSC

Rahul Gandhi asks students to rise up, calls Bye Bye to UPSC

Congress Leader, Rahul Gandhi again launched an attack on BJP party. This time, by tweeting a letter in which he asks the government, “Are you aware that the service allocation/cadre allocation of the candidates selected on the basis of civil services examination is made well before the commencement of the foundation course every year.” However, what he wrote in the tweet is even more startling, “Rise up students, your future is at risk! RSS wants what’s rightfully yours. The letter below reveals the PM’s plan to appoint officers of RSS’s choice into the Central Services, by manipulating the merit list using subjective criteria, instead of exam rankings.”

He elaborated in the letter that the prime minister’s office has considered the following suggestions in it in, further elaborating his point in another paragraph, “Examine the feasibility of giving due weight-age to the performance in the Foundation Course and making service allocation as well as cadre allocation to All India Service Officers, based on the combined score obtained in the Civil Services Examination and the Foundation Course.”

Rahul had previously alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had manipulated the list to recruit the RSS of his choice. This isn’t the first time Rahul has attacked the Party, because, ever since the Karnataka elections campaign, accusing him of corruption, and making fun of democracy.


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