Protest Planned On Saturday To Rollback decision Over Triple Talaq Bill

Protest Planned On Saturday To Rollback decision Over Triple Talaq Bill

On August 21, 2018, Supreme Court had put Ban on practice of “Triple Talaq” which is also called instant divorced practiced in the Muslim community. The verdict said that this practice is not justice and should be unconstitutional.  This was considered as a mode of divorce process providing separation to the married couple within the period of three months even in many cases. The practice was banned in other countries including Pakistan and later Indian government cited the example and exempt the practice in India.  This was in favor with rights for Muslim women facing the issue of divorce and marriage under the Muslim Personal Laws. Many Muslim women came forward for their rights as undergoing the mistreatment and misuse of the oral Talag system . With the practice of Triple Talag in most of the cases, men use to be scot free believing that their action is approved by the Quran.

What was ‘triple talaq’ ?

This was practice among Muslim Man where he can divorce his wife by uttering word “Talaq” three times in a row. It was followed by majority of Muslims community who follow the Hanafi Islamic school of law.

After the today’s verdict of section 497, The media caught lot of attention after Asaduddin Owaisi statement on his twitter account where he said,  “The Supreme Court didn’t say Triple Talaaq is Unconstitutional but “set it aside “but Apex Court has said 377 & 497 is Unconstitutional will Modi Government learn from these judgments and take back their Unconstitutional Ordinance on Triple Talaaq.

The news statement got viral in no time and soon All India Muslim Personal law Board (AIMPLB) announced to their Protest outside the railway station in Mira Road at 3.30 Pm on Saturday in support to roll back the judgment of Triple Talaq.

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