Pradyuman case: Supreme Court reserves order on plea for bail cancellation

Pradyuman case: Supreme Court reserves order on plea for bail cancellation
Written by Abhishek Rana

The Supreme Court has reserved order on the plea filed by Pradyuman’s father, Varun Thakur, to cancel the interim bail granted to the Pinto family. It seems that the court will take its time to consider the case and the situation of the parties before it is able to order any judgement. Varun Thakur has also asked that the teenager who is now being accused of Pradyuman’s case should be tried as an adult in the court and should face maximum sentence for the murder of his son. The unnamed teenager was sent to the juvenile jail, as he was convicted of slitting the throat of Pradyuman Thakur in the early hours of school, to avoid exams.

The police hadn’t been able to salvage enough evidence from the crime scene, and had reportedly botched the investigation when they accused the bus driver, Ashok Kumar, in the murder. Although there was very little evidence to convict him, the case was made against him and he was arrested.

Months into the case, the CBI made a breakthrough in the case and discovered that the teenager, who was in 11th standard, had previously bragged to his classmates that there won’t be any need to study for the exams for the next day. He had also presumably told his friends about the plan, and had also purchased a knife for the crime.

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