Pongal 2018: Bhogi celebrations in Chennai causes smog; Flight services disrupts

Pongal 2018: Bhogi celebrations in Chennai causes smog; Flight services disrupts
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Chennai covered up with Smog blanket after the celebration of Bhogi festival 2018. The flight’s services have also get disrupted due to the severe smog caused by the Bhogi festival bonfire. As per the reports, at least 18 flight’s services at Chennai airport has discontinued for a while due to massive smog layer which covered the city during the Pongal festival. The flights that are diverted to Bengaluru and Hyderabad’s airport from the Chennai airport were enrouted from Kuwait, Sharjah and Delhi. According to the sources, on Saturday morning smog reduced the visibility to less than of 50 metres.

The Bhogi is the auspicious festival which is celebrated in Chennai every year during the time of harvest. Bhogi is bonfire which performed ahead of marking Tamil’s harvesting festival Pongal. It is dedicated to the Lord Sun. Pongal is a four-day long festival in which celebrated every year from 14th January to 17th January. On this auspicious festival, people perform prayers to Lord Sun and lit up a bonfire to celebrate this day. Yesterday, at early 4 am, Chennai’s people lit up bonfire made up of paper, cardboard etc. on the streets ahead of Pongal festival.

Chennai has now become Delhi after the Bhogi bonfire. The city has covered up with a thick layer of smoke which is produced by the bonfire. The city just seems like December Delhi where commuters faced difficulties due to less visibility. In December, Delhi was similarly choked due to severe smog blanket and less visibility. The smog in Delhi caused due to the crop burning in the neighbouring areas like Punjab and Haryana. Bhogi which celebrated ahead of Pongal festival in Chennai has caused smog. The air quality index of Chennai has now fallen. However, ahead of Bhogi, Chennai government has launched the awareness campaign which aimed at smoke-free celebrations.


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