Nick Jonas Suggested Himself To Replace Ben Affleck As Batman

Nick Jonas Suggested Himself To Replace Ben Affleck As Batman

Nick Jonas might play role of most iconic superhero Batman by replacing  Ben Affleck. According to reports actor Ben Affleck would not be repeating his role as the caped crusader in 2021, The Batman Movie. After the actor Ben Affleck confirmed his exit as Batman in upcoming series,the 26 years old singer Nick Jonas suggested himself as possible replacement for Ben Affleck. “First name Nick.Last name Jonas”, the singer commented on HyperBeast’s photo post of The Dark Knight, making it pretty clear that he is ready and willing to play Batman.

Jonas have recently acted in 2017’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. The singer cum actor have been on working on TV screens regularly in shows like Kingdom, Camp Rock and Jonas. In 2016 he was also starred in movie Goat. Actor Ben Affleck has portrayed Batman since 2016 and before that Christian Bale have represented the superhero in Christopher Nolan’s award winning trilogy. This will be interesting to see whether the director Matt Reeves want Nick Jonas to play most iconic role as Batman.

Although we have no doubt on 26 years old singer who has many acting credits with himself. At the moment we can’t be so sure on whether Nick Jonas is being serious over suggesting himself or just having some fun. Matt Reeves ‘The Batman’ will be hitting in the cinemas in summer of 20121. Who you think is suitable for Batman?


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