Narendra Modi speaks at Youth Convention in Karnataka

Narendra Modi speaks at Youth Convention in Karnataka

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Youth Convention in Karnataka. The topic of the convention was ‘Youth Power: A Vision for New India.’ It had been organized for Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the Ramakrishna Vivekananda Ashram in Tumakuru and celebrate Sister Nivedita’s 150th birth anniversary. Modi began his address by saying that there’s always something substantial to be learnt through the interactions with the Younger generations. He said that through the topic, he will be discussing about god, but how it is related to the modern technology. He praised Karnataka for making progress in the spiritual and youths of the state.

Modi also talked about Swami Vivekanand and his contribution to the nation, how he made Jan Sewa synonyms with Dev Sewa. He pointed that all these years after the nation achieved independence, it has grown more determined and has been strengthened.

About the North East elections, he stated that it was rare for people to be excited for the polls, but yet they were and the results have created a festive environment in those areas. He cited that India is the youngest country in the world, with 65 percent population being youngsters. Their energy and determination bring about vast changes in the country. He ended the speech by saying, “Vidyarthi Devo Bhava is not only yours, but our mantra as well. In fact, with your permission, I would like to add in it, “Yuva Shakti Devo Bhava”


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