Narendra Modi in Manipur, Inaugurates the 105th Indian Science Congress

Narendra Modi in Manipur, Inaugurates the 105th Indian Science Congress

Today, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi inaugurated the 105th Indian Science Congress in Manipur’s Imphal. He also inaugurated the National Sports University, a 1000 Anganwadi centres and 19 residential complexes for teachers, doctors and nurses, according to an official statement which was read in New Delhi. He is also scheduled to inaugurate the Luwangpokpa Multi-Sports Complex later in the day. While addressing to the audiences, he acknowledged that it was the second time in this century that the science conference was being held in the North East. He said that it was encouraging to see the progress, and it boded well for the future of the North east states and the country as well.

Modi said that it was important that scientific discoveries and breakthrough should be made known to the youth of the nation, so there’s a lot of excitement in them to join the field of sciences. He also asked to schedule scientist and children interactions, which will enable them to gather more information about the field and understand it better in details.

He told the audiences that they had launched the  3rd LIGO detector in the country, which is going to be very beneficial for us, as it will lead us to expand our knowledge about lasers, light waves and computing. It is an exciting prospect for anyone who is interested in the field.

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