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Muharram 2017 date and time in india according to Islamic Calendar

Muharram 2017 date and time in india according to Islamic Calendar
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Muharram 2017 is the festival of Muslims that celebrates the first month of the Islamic Calendar. On this auspicious festival, Muslims devotees fast during daylight hours on the ninth, tenth and 11th days of the month. And they attend special prayer meetings in the mosques or private homes. It is primarily an Islamic holiday in which people of other religions also take part and celebrate or observe the Muharram activities in India. It is the month of mourning and celebrating the Battle of Karbala.

On this festival Millions of Muslims around the world observe the holy festive season. Muharram ceremony considered as the second most sacred month following Ramadan. The Quran states that Muharram is marked by God Allah as a holy period. And it takes its name from the word “forbidden”. Muharram celebrates as the first month of Muslims that is equally different from Georgian calendar. According to the astrologers, the 2017 Muharram starts on 21st September to 19th October, today and it continues for 28 days.

Muharram period is a prominent ceremony for all the Muslims on which both Sunni and Shia Muslims observe the 10th day of Muharram across India and worldwide. In 680 CE, 10th of Muharram marks the date when Imman Hussain died and carnage took place at Kerbala.

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