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Mothers Day 2018; A day to Love your mother once again

Mothers Day 2018; A day to Love your mother once again

Mother’s Day gives us this opportunity when we can make it special for our mother. He can also tell them how much he values in our life. Mother is the name of the power that gives us our existence. She is a mother whose surrender and love cannot have any force in the world. In return, the expectant mother of anything loves her child with selflessness and seeks God’s favour only for his goodness and prosperity. Today, the whole world is celebrating Mother’s day on Sunday. To sending love messages to mothers and giving gifts to her on social media, everybody has been busy with giving special love to their mother in her own way.

Google doodle also celebrated ‘Mother’s Day’ and created a very colourful and beautiful doodle. In this doodle, a female dinosaur and her child are shown, who are wearing hand marks. In this doodle, it can be clearly seen that everyone needs a mother, even he/she should be a dinosaur.

This year, on the Mother’s Day 2018, Delhi Government is going to give a great gift to all mothers. On that day feeding rooms will be arranged for the mothers in Delhi Zoo. In the feeding rooms, the mother can feed her children through breastfeeds. Renu Singh, the woman director of Delhi Zoo, said women had a lot of difficulties walking with children, this idea was discussed last month to overcome their difficulties.

Although different people tell different things about it but it is said that Mother’s Day was first introduced to Greece. To honour the mother in Greece, this day was celebrated as worship. It is said that Sybele was the mother of Greek deities, and Mother’s Day was celebrated as a festival to honour her. At the same time in America, Anna Jarvis in Virginia first started it, who was inspired by her mother. After the death of her mother, She started this day to express her love towards her mother.


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