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No-confidence motion LIVE Updates; TDP blames BJP for difficulties

No-confidence motion LIVE Updates; TDP blames BJP for difficulties

No-confidence motion LIVE Updates; TDP blames BJP for difficulties; Starting today, the monsoon session of Parliament is going on. In order to show the seriousness of the work, Modi Government has added more than half a dozen bills to the agenda on the first day in the agenda of the two Houses. Four new bills will be presented in Lok Sabha while one will be presented in Rajya Sabha. Apart from this, the proposal to pass an old bill in both the houses has also been kept in the agenda. These sessions are also likely to be rigid. Stay tuned for LIVE updates of Monsoon session with

No-confidence Motion LIVE Updates

12:10 PM IST- Modi had said during campaigning in Andhra Pradesh that Congress killed the mother and saved the child. If I had, I would have saved my mother too. The people of Andhra Pradesh have been waiting for their mother to be saved for four years.

12:00 PM IST-  Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said that he would take care of this demand, but it is not possible to do anything without any timelines.


11:45 AM IST- On the issue of mobs lynching, there is a strong uproar in the Lok Sabha. NCP’s Tariq Anwar, CPM has given notice to Mohammed Salim, RSP’s NK Premchandran, senior Congress leader Malkinkarjun Khar, e and K.C. Venugopal to bring unbelievable proposals against the government. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also present in the House.

11:30 AM IST- In the Lok Sabha, MPs of TDP, TMC, and RJD are mocking on the issue of lobbying. The opposition has demanded a discussion with the Modi government on this matter.

11:25 AM IST- Opposition is committing in the Lok Sabha. TDP MPs in the Lok Sabha saying ‘We want Justice’ slogans

11:20 AM IST- Classical dancer Sonal Mansingh, author Rakesh Sinha and sculptor Raghunath Mahapatra took oath as Rajya Sabha member.

11:10 AM IST- Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan and Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu have appealed to all political parties to help the government effectively run the proceedings of the Parliament. Junk from the monsoon session of Parliament

10:55 AM IST- PM Modi has said that the government is ready to discuss on every subject. He has said that a good image of parliament should be made. Every time I express my hope and try.

10:45 AM IST- Before reaching the Lower house, PM Modi has said that it is important to have a discussion on many important matters of the country. I hope all political parties will make full use of the time of the House. He has said that meeting with everyone will benefit.

9:45 AM IST- These 5 bills will be presented by NDA Government

  1. Human Trafficking (Prevention, Protection, and Rehabilitation) Bill 2018
  2. Bill 2018 to ban irregular deposits and chit funds
  3. Indian Airport Financial Regulatory Authority Research Bill 2018
  4. Arbitration and Conciliation Bill,
  5. 2018 National Trust and Multi-Disability Act for Victims of Cerebral palsy and retardation

9:15 AM IST- During the monsoon session, an important subject is also related to the election of Rajya Sabha Deputy Speaker. Also, the batch and related appropriation bill can be presented for discussion, voting, and the passing of the supplementary demand for the grant of FY 2018-19. During the session, the situation of Jammu and Kashmir, PDP-BJP government can raise issues like fall and terrorism.

8:45 AM IST- Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2018 has also been listed for submission. The provision of punishment for the convicts for rape of girls below 12 years of age has been made to the death penalty.

8:25 AM IST- Teen Talaq in this session is included in the government’s top priorities. This bill is pending in the Rajya Sabha after being passed in the Lok Sabha. The emphasis of the government is also on passing the Bill related to giving constitutional status to the Other Backward Classes Commission. The government’s agenda is also a bill related to the National Commission for Medical Education Bill and Transgender Rights.

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