Modi-Trump Bear Hugs Trend On Twitter – Terrorism Tackled and More

Modi-Trump Bear Hugs Trend On Twitter – Terrorism Tackled and More

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a three nation tour and was just recently in Washington DC, USA to meet President Donald Trump. The Prime Minister was received by Trump and his wife Melania, who tweeted about the occassion. Mr. Modi is said to have presented the local handicraft from Punjab, hand woven shawls from Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, along with a hamper filled with specimen of Indian craftsmanship to the First Lady, Melania Trump. Modi also gave Mr. Trump a folio with a 1965 postal stamp of Abraham Lincoln issued by India to commemorate his death centenary.

The leaders discussed their long standing goals of tackling global terrorism in detail. While Mr. Modi thanked both the President and the First Lady for their warm welcome, and announced US and India “global engines of growth”, President Trump stated that both of the leaders were world leaders in social media. A statement, which didn’t sit well specifically with the American India. Both the leaders have said to be agreed to remove Islamic radical terrorism jointly.

Mr. Modi didn’t shy away from stating that both of them had similar core values and high mutual understanding, something to which alt right wing critics would agree. The Prime Minister emphasised how both the countries with their leaders had dealt first hand with terrorism and were committed to eliminate terrorism as their top most priority. He even said that more exchange of information shall be done in future between the two countries to deal with terrorism threats. The Prime Minister of world’s largest democracy also added that trade and investment had to be the key areas for collaboration of the two countries. Given the role that Indian IT engineers play to drive the technology market of the States, and the recent visa ban on Middle Eastern countries, Prime Minister stated clearly the the countries needed to work together to increase productivity and create jobs.

On the other hand, the US President Trump talked about the American Forces joining the Indian Forces along with Japanese Navy to conduct the largest Maritime exercise ever held in the Indian Ocean. The President even gave a shout out to the landmark GST bill that is all set to be launched in the country since July 1 and hailed it as the biggest tax reform the country was going to go through since independence, and even hinted on America having something similar. The joint statements released by the governments have again emphasised their motivation to eradicate Islamic terrorism, work towards a better economy for both countries based on sharing of technologies, openness and reception, as well as a US endorsement to India supporting it’s stand on the Silk Route that China is building. The statement read that both the countries wanted increased regional economic connectivity through the transparent development of infrastructure, while ensuring respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity and called on other nations (read China) in the region to adhere to these principles.

While Mr. Trump gave Modi a tour of the White House (and the Residence Quarters as well) along with the Lincoln Bedroom, Prime Minister was also shown a copy of President Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg address as well as the desk on which he wrote it in the White House. Both the leaders dined together, after which Prime Minister Modi left to continue with trip further to Netherlands.


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