Delhi Monsoon 2017: Wait for three more days

Delhi Monsoon 2017: Wait for three more days

The Delhites need to wait for the monsoon for three more days as per the MeT officials said on Monday and the people can still enjoy pre monsoon showers. “ It will be raining every day this week. The sky will be cloudy mostly and there would be irregular rains,” said an official of weather forecast department.

As the rains are expected to come almost throughout the week and the monsoon at the door steps, the temperature is also likely to drop a little from Tuesday. A senior officer said, “ By the mid of this week mercury level will drop to around 30°C. The night temperature would also come around 25°C”.

As per the Met official, this time there is more rain in the pipeline and this could prove to be the wettest June in the last one decade. According to a senior officer of the Met department,“In 2007 rain was recorded around 150 mm. Afterwards in 2013 Delhi (Safdarjung area) received around 119 mm of rain. In 2017 Delhi (Safdarjung station) has already received more than 122 mm of rain between since June 1. If there is more rain from Monday night it could turn out to be the wettest June since 2007,” .

In the pre- monsoon season the western disturbances originating over West Asia are the reason of the rain in Delhi-NCR. While monsoon is round the corner winds originating from Indian ocean and Bay of Bengal will start blowing and will trigger rain in Delhi.

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