Max Hospital Case: ‘Is LG making decisions under pressure’ asked AAP in press conference

Max Hospital Case: ‘Is LG making decisions under pressure’ asked AAP in press conference
Written by Shilpi Gupta

AAP leader Saurabh Bharadwaj is addressing an important press conference on the issue of Max Hospital today on December 20 at Rouse Avenue. With the action on Max Hospital, not only the people of Delhi even the whole country have welcomed this decision openly. But Lieutenant Governor (LG) has just given a stay on Directorate General of Health Services’ (DGHS) decision. AAP government said through social media that through this press conference they want to ask whether these authorities are making decisions by themselves or are they making decisions under pressure? Aam Aadmi Party said, “LG will have to tell now whether his responsibilities are to the public or to these careless hospitals”.

Bharadwaj said during the press conference, “Whenever the Delhi Government takes any concrete and harsh action for the rights of the people, then somewhere in the center through the representations of those corrupt people to get them relief.”

“The shops were sealed in Baradhi only when the appeal went to Lieutenant Governor. And the LG gave relief to these shopkeepers and ordered the court to file a lawsuit against them.” Bharadwaj added. 

The hospital said in a statement that a stay order has been issued by the appellate authority, the office of the Financial Commissioner SS Yadav, as we are fully focussed on providing quality care to all our patients and also will provide free treatment to the economically weaker people of the society.

On 8th December, the Delhi government canceled the license of MAX hospital after its doctors on November 30 declared a newborn baby dead. However, he was found alive when Baby’s family took his body.

Moreover, the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also said earlier, “Delhi government is not against private hospitals. Our government is fully aware of the importance these private hospitals. But due to this kind of complaints, Max Hospital left us with no option other than to take action against them. This does not happen the first time, as such kind of erroneous act was done by the doctors of the hospital many times in the past too.”

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