Maharashtra Bandh: Updates about the Dalit community statewide protest

Maharashtra Bandh: Updates about the Dalit community statewide protest
Written by Abhishek Rana

The conflict between the Dalit and Maratha community erupted into violence and disruption yesterday, and caused the city of Mumbai to close down almost completely. After the death of a youth in the struggle between the two communities in Bhima, Koregaon. The clash resulted in protests by the Dalit community, who burned vehicles and took to the streets. The situation worsened quickly as the shops in the Chembur are had to be closed down, and the authorities called for peace. Now, Dalits have called for a Bandh, and almost 100 people have been detained for disrupting the peace of the area. School buses will not be running down the roads, because the authorities can’t risk the safety of the student. Classes have been shut down in Colleges.

In Aurangabad city, Internet services have been disbanded since yesterday night. The Mumbai Dabbawallas Association have also decided to not the delivery service, since there are no easy ways of transportation and people could have to risk their lives to reach some places. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has called for an inquiry in the situation and has also offered a relief money of 10 lakhs for the family of the deceased man.

The state has been driven into turmoil because of the Bandh, as the police has readied for any situation. Attendance in schools is a disappointing 40 percent. Several shops have also been shut down, including Liqour sellers because of the fear of being vandalized by the protesters. Transport in various areas across the nation has also been affected as the bus services in Andheri, Kohlapur, Borivli have to suspend operations because of the blocked roads or the risk of being attacked by goons on the streets. The most important thing now is for the safety of the citizens and that no other casualties occur before peace is called.

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