Mahamastakabhisheka, is the anointment of the Jain image of Bahubali Gommateshwara Statue, that is situated in Shravanabelagola, Karnataka. It’s a very auspicious occasion for the Jain community, as it is held every 12 years. Throngs of Jain munis are going to travel to Shravavanabelagola for the ceremony. During the event, pure water is poured from a platform that is situated onto the devotees, and the statue is bathed in milk, sugarcane juice, and saffron, and mixed with the powders of sandalwood, turmeric and vermilion, which looks beautiful as it wraps the entire figure of the deity. Different kinds of decorative material, like flowers are showered down the statue, and even gold and silver coins, or other rich offerings are made toward Bahubali. The anointment of the statue is done, when the devotees, holding 1,008 kalash, pour down milk, turmeric, vermilion etc down its head.

This year, President of Indian, Ram Nath Kovind is going to inaugurate the ceremony by lighting the lamp from the stage, that has been set at the edge of the city. Governor Vajubhai Vala, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Janata Dal(S) supremo,  H D Deve Gowda, and Hassan district in-charge and Minister A Manju will also be present during the occasion.

Special arrangements, with specific attention to drinking water and security have been made, as 5,500 police are going to be present during the ceremony to keep the crowd in control.

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