Maggi sample fails in UP lab test, Nestle India got slap of Rs 64 lakh as fine

Maggi sample fails in UP lab test, Nestle India got slap of Rs 64 lakh as fine

More than two years after a ban on popular noodles brand Maggi of Nestle India emerged to another case. The District Magistrate of Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh has slapped Nestle and Maggi distributors with a fine of Rs 62 lakh as the Maggi noodles sample fails in Uttar Pradesh’s laboratory test. However, the company, Nestle India, argues and said that this appears to be an application of incorrect standards. On the other hand, lab test report of Maggi noodles confirmed the presence of ash content higher than the permissible limit in samples.

In 2015, Seven samples of Maggi were collected and sent for testing at a laboratory in Lucknow. The samples report were received in 2016, due to which the seven cases were lodged at the ADM’s court. The court has levied Rs 45 lakh on Nestle India, and also the Rs 15 lakh on distributors. The popular noodles brand was banned for five months in the country after the court order comes, and the alleged excessive lead content in Maggi which created a major controversy in 2015.

The Nestle India issued the statement that “We reiterate that MAGGI Noodles are 100% safe for consumption, while we have not received the orders passed by the adjudication officer. We have been informed that the Maggi samples are of the year 2015 and the issue is for ‘ash content’. This appears to be a case of application of incorrect standards, and we will file an appeal immediately after we receive the order.”

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