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Lunar Eclipse 2018 NASA videos, watch here

Lunar Eclipse 2018 NASA videos, watch here

A total Lunar eclipse, also known as Purna Chanda Grahan, is visible on Today. The total eclipse will begin from IST 6:21pm to 7:37pm and the partial eclipse has started from 5:18pm and will continue till 8:41pm. Cycles of moon is known to impact body of a person, physically as well as mentally. The shadow will approach from bottom right leaving the top part of Moon in sunlight. The west coast and parts of Rajasthan will witness the event from 6:21pm to 7:37pm. The eclipse is expected to last for one hour and 16 minutes. Today the moon will be a combination of Blue moon, Supermoon and the blood Moon.

For more updates, view this from NASA

This eclipse is occurring after 35 years in India. Today the celestial bodies will be very close to each other. The Moon, Sun and the Earth will be in one line today. Blue moon and supermoon and the blood moon all will be experienced today. This is a second full moon in the month of January.

For the recent updates, view this from NASA

Though the moon is not clearly visible here but the three main bodies are aligned to each other very closely.

For the recent update, view this from NASA

The red tint is visible in some parts, check this video from NASA

The position of the moon will be changing as it will pass the sun and earth. Here is an illustration to it from NASA

Now the earth is between the Sun and Moon thus making the lunar surface appear red .Check the live update

The moon and the bodies are still changing their position, for recent update from NASA check here

For details check why the lunar eclipse occurring today is a Supermoon, blue moon and the blood moon, check here

The recent view of the Moon is captured check here,

As the eclipse is about to get together, the last glimpse are here,

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