Lucknow: Senior, sixth class girl stabs first class boy in school toilet

Lucknow: Senior, sixth class girl stabs first class boy in school toilet

After the harrowing, Pradyuman Murder case in Ryan International School last year by a twelfth standard student, another, attempted murder has shocked people. A boy, studying in first class, at the  Brightland Inter College school in Triveninagar, was stabbed by a twelve year old girl, a sixth class student. He has been admitted to trauma centre of King George’s Medical University (KGMU), and is currently in a sensitive condition. There had been no revelation about the attack in the media, and it was only after the hospital authorities told the media about the assault that the news became viral, startling people again because of the identity of the attacker. The school had told the the family that the boy had suffered an accident.

The school had been reluctant to release the cause of the attack, but had to write a statement after the pressure from Media and exposure. A showcase notice has been issued to the school, because of their failure to contact the official police authorities. The boy, Hrithik Sharma, told the police that a “didi” with boy cut lured him in the toilet by telling that a teacher was calling for him. But, she took him to the bathroom instead, slapped him, tied him with her dupatta and then attacked him by a sharp object. When the boy asked why the girl was hitting him, she replied that it was because she wanted the school to close down soon.

Hrithik suffered injuries in chest and abdomen. He was discovered a teacher, because of his cries for help. A cloth had been stuffed into his mouth so that he wouldn’t scream out loud.  Senior sub-inspector of Aliganj police station Nepal Singh, has said that the attack took place in the bathroom, which was located at the second floor, and was partitioned. One part was used by children, while other was used by teachers. There is only one exit and entry point, and both have now been sealed. The girl who was responsible for the attack is now being questioned by the police.


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