The Supreme Court, chaired byheaded by Chief Justice Dipak Misra has now refused to modify its order to examine Hadiya alias Akhila in open court. “Why should we do it just because you say so? Anyways we will deal with that on Monday” Misra told Hadiya’s father, Asokan, but told him that he could mention the plea again on Monday. Asokan is seeking to move the court, so that Hadiya can interact with the court through Camera. The court has already asked Hadiya to be present in open court on 27th November, since she’s still in the custody of her parents.

“Since Akhila (Hadiya) has been directed to be present on November 27, this court is likely to interact with her in order to ascertain whether she has been indoctrinated by respondents who are part of PFI network. Given the sensitivity of the situation the security considerations as also the necessity to arrive at the truth, it is submitted to consider interaction in camera rather than in open court,” he wrote in his letter to Supreme Court.

Hadiya alias Akhila was a Hindu woman, who had converted to Muslim after marrying Jahaan. However, it has been alleged that Hadiya was duped into the marriage by Syrian terrorist group ISIS, and if so, then the marriage shall be annulled.

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