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Karwa Chauth 2017: Moon rise timing and Shubh Mahurat of Karva Chauth Puja

Karwa Chauth 2017: Moon rise timing and Shubh Mahurat of Karva Chauth Puja
Written by Shilpi Gupta

Karwa/Karva Chauth Vrat will be observed by married women on 8 October 2017. Ladies can open their Vrat after spotting moon in the night.  They drink water with their husband hand after completing Vrat pooja. From today onwards every woman has a curiosity to know the timing of moon rises in every state. On this day moon is in special nakshatra mean lunar mansion. This is observed after four days of full moon. Karwa Chauth or Karwa Chaturthi comes in Kartik month of Hindu calendar.

Shubh mahurat for Karwa Chauth puja/ Pooja

Karwa Chauth date and time for puja Muhurat is 8 October 2017 6:15 pm to 7:34 pm

Karwa Chauth 2017 Moon rise timing in various Cities of India

Delhi: 8:48 PM, Noida: 8:48 PM, Ghaziabad: 8: 48 PM, Ahmedabad: 9:18 PM, Lucknow: 8:38 PM, Chandigarh: 8:42 PM, Jaipur: 8:56 PM, Chennai: 9:01 PM, Varanasi: 8:30 PM, Kolkata:  8:15 PM, Hyderabad: 9:03 PM, Mumbai: 9:24 PM, Bangalore: 9:12 PM, Pune: 9:21 PM

Moon Rise Time in the USA on Karwa Chauth

Washington (United States): 20:36 PM , Texas City (Texas): 21:21 PM, Austin (Texas): 21:32 PM, Dallas (Texas) : 21:20 PM, Fort Worth (Texas): 21:24 PM, Houston (Texas): 21:21 PM, Los Angeles (California): 20:48 PM, Boston (Massachusetts): 20:17 PM, Chicago (Illinois): 20:27 PM, Columbus (Ohio): 21:11 PM, Indianapolis (Indiana):21:25 PM, Jacksonville (Florida): 21:23 PM, Montreal (Quebec): 20:20 PM, Phoenix (Arizona): 20:24 PM, San Antonio (Texas): 21:34 PM, San Francisco (California): 20:59 PM, San Jose (California): 20:58 PM, Seattle (Washington): 20:36 PM

Moonrise timing in Toronto, Canada: 20:48 PM

Moonrise timing in London, England UK:  20:01 PM

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