Call for fun, Hindi movie review: A charming, funny coming of age tale will win your heart

Call for fun, Hindi movie review: A charming, funny coming of age tale will win your heart
Written by Abhishek Rana

Call for fun is a comedy movie written by Janak Toprangi and stars Zaan Khan,  Zaan Khan, Shubhangi Mehrotra, Charu Asopa, among others and is the story of Yash (Zaan Khan), and intelligent boy who must find a job after graduating college and details his experiences and encounters as he goes on to manage his father’s call center after he has to go to america for an emergency.

The movie is honest about the struggles that people have when they start a new job, and how difficult it is these days to do business with people and build good professional relationships. When everything goes awry and he can’t make things work, he comes with a hilarious and naughty trick, to call men and pretend to be women, and talk dirty to them. This causes a lot of hilarity in the movie, and some of it is really cheap, but since the movie is having fun with the characters and because some of the jokes are very funny, it all becomes a very pleasing experience.

Zaan Khan is very good in his role as a boy still trying to figure out his place in the world and he is joined by a boisterous supporting cast that does everything to make the movie funny and witty.

I’d recommend the movie because even though it doesn’t have a big budget and there are only few directorial flourishes that Toprangi can manage, it is still a movie that should be seen by people, because of a good story and a more than capable cast.


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