Jammu and Kashmir, Shopian: 3 soldiers get injured in blast

Jammu and Kashmir, Shopian: 3 soldiers get injured in blast

Three soldiers were injured in a blast in Shopian region of Jammu and Kashmir. The blast was a terrorist attack, as they triggered an  improvised explosive device (IED). The soldiers were travelling through the track, and the blast caused it to turn turtle and slam sideways. The soldiers suffered injuries because of the impact. They were travelling in a Cassir, which is protected from missiles, so it seems that the damage wasn’t too extraordinary. Terrorists also carried out an attack at the Army camp at  Kakpora in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district. The centre has announced a ceasefire because Ramadan, but the terrorist continue attacks, and a soldier lost his life because of the firing.

The state police has said that ceasefire has had an encouraging result in the region, and has also suggested that it could continue if the situation remains steady.

Yesterday, 19 CRPF personnel were injured in an accident, as they travelling through Srinagar. The vehicle turned turtle and fell sideways when the drivers was unable to control it. There had been reports that the vehicle had been attacked by stone pelters, however, after watching the CCTV footage it was proved that it was an unfortunate accident caused by the vehicle.

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