Indian Market is important for Chinese E-commerce Gaint Alibaba according to CEO Daniel Jhang

Indian Market is important for Chinese E-commerce Gaint Alibaba according to CEO Daniel Jhang

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. soon to join the two-horse race between Flipkart and Amazon. Chinese e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba CEO Daniel Jhang said that his company will help the local enterprises to make their business grow, Alibaba has also invested in E-commerce brand Paytm to become the largest stakeholder in India’s top digital payment company Paytm. As per Daniel Jhang, the company is looking for kicking out small enterprises but wants to work with them in India. He said that Indian market is very important for his company, “Globalisation is one of our key strategies for Alibaba. As part of this strategy, India is a very important topic. India is a very important market for us to look at,” Daniel Zhang, told media.

China’s E-commerce giant was founded in 1999 by a Chinese teacher, Jack Ma as a platform to connect Chinese manufacturers with the world. Then Alibaba rose to become the largest e-commerce platform in the world. The headquarters of Alibaba are in Hangzhou and spread around 180Km south of Shanghai.

Alibaba one of the top 10 biggest companies in the world. More than 500 million active users use Alibaba. The company also offers digital payment services, shopping portals, and Cloud Infrastructure.

In India, Amazon is giving a tough fight to Flipkart Even in countries like Japan its a tough fight between Amazon and Rakuten. It would be interesting to see how The market players like flip kart and amazon welcome their 3rd competitor in India and with the emergence of Alibaba in India e-commerce business how users will get benefited in such a competitive market.

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