Independence Day Modi Speech : See the key points of I-day speech

Independence Day Modi Speech : See the key points of I-day speech
Written by Karu Cheema

On Independence Day 2017 PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation from the Red Fort . PM Modi Hosted the National Flag i.e Tiranga at the Red Fort. During the celebration Independence Day dignitaries from across the world, eminent professionals, and school students was present at the Red Fort to listen the PM speech.

The Prime Minister Speech begin at 7:30 am. As per tradition, Modi addresses nation in the speech typically outlines the hopes for the future of the nation and achievements of the past.

Independence Day 2017 Live , watch the Prime Minister’s speech LIVE

Honoured to address my fellow Indians from the ramparts of the Red Fort on Independence Day. Watch my speech.

Posted by Narendra Modi on Monday, August 14, 2017

Independence Day Celebration from Red Fort

8:34 AM : This time PM speech is short from their previous speeches.

2017 55 mins

2016 94 mins

2015 86 mins

2014 65 mins

8:33 AM : After completing his speech PM Modi meets the school childrens .

8:30 AM : PM Modi ends his address to Nation.

8:30 AM : PM Modi said we all together will create a new India where the poor have home , electricity and pure water for drinking. He added that farmers will sleep peacefully at night , the poison of communalism, caste-ism and terrorism will have no place in New India , corruption will no longer be prevalent in new India. He added that we will create an India where youth and women will have many opportunities to fulfill their dreams. He added that together we will create an India that will be clean, healthy and fulfill the dreams of Swaraj.

8:25 AM : On the issue of corruption Modi said that demonetization is the biggest move against the corruption he further said that its the biggest fight against the Black Money and its for the benefit of poor people. “We are fighting corruption – for the bright future of India and the wellbeing of our people: PM ”

8:20 AM : PM Said that this government is devoted toward the development of Eastern States “We are devoting significant attention to eastern India- Bihar, Assam, West Bengal, Odisha, Northeast. These parts have to grow further: PM”

8:10 AM : On Triple talak issue PM Modi Said that “I want to mention those women who have to suffer due to ‘Tripe Talaq’- I admire their courage. We are with them in their struggles”

8:00 AM : On Kashmir issue PM Modi Said that Kashmir issue will only be resolved by hugging the Kashmiri people and give a slogan “न गाली से न गोली से, कश्मीर की समस्या सुलझेगी गले लगाने से “. PM Modi also said that there is no question of being soft on terrorism or terrorists

7:58 AM : On the Terrorism Issue PM Modi said “India’s stature in the world is rising. The world is with us in fighting the menace of terror. I thank all nations helping us doing ”

7:55 AM : GST has shown the spirit of cooperative federalism. The nation has come together to support GST & the role of technology has also helped: PM

modi address nation

7:50 AM : In our nation, there is no one big or small everybody is equal. Together we can bring a positive change in the nation

7:40 Am : People of India stand shoulder to shoulder with those affected due to natural disasters and the tragedy in Gorakhpur.

modi speech on independence day

7:35 AM : PM begins his address to the Nation and wishes them Happy Independence Day and Krishna Janmashtami. He paid his respects to those who lost their lives for the cause of the Independence and said we remember those men and women who worked hard for the India’s independence.

7:31 AM : Prime Minister hoists Indian flag at Red Fort.

7:28 AM : Independence Day 2017 Live , watch the Prime Minister’s speech LIVE.

Honoured to address my fellow Indians from the ramparts of the Red Fort on Independence Day. Watch my speech.

Posted by Narendra Modi on Monday, August 14, 2017


7:23 AM : Prime Minister address the nation in few minutes.

7:20 AM : PM Modi Reaches Red Fort. Defence Minister Arun Jaitley, Minister of State for defence Dr. Subhash Bhamre and Defence Secretary Sanjay Mitra receives the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

7:15 AM : PM Narendra Modi leaves from Raj Ghat to Red Fort where he will address the country.

7:10 AM : Prime Minsiter Modi reaches Raj Ghat and paid his respect to Gandhiji.

7:00 AM : Ex Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh reached to Red Fort.

6:30 AM : PM Modi wishes the Nation “Happy independence day” On twitter.

“Congratulations to all the countrymen on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day. Jai Hind! Independence Day Jai hind”


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