Hyderabad, Bajrang Dal warns pub against celebrations, puts on posters

Hyderabad, Bajrang Dal warns pub against celebrations, puts on posters

Bajrang Dal, a group that has been ruining Valentines day for couples has now warned against the celebrations in Hyderabad. The members of the group even visited some pubs and establishments in the city, warned them to not hold any kind of romantic celebrations for the couples on 14th February. However, the Hyderabad police has taken decisions to not let the goons take over the city or assault any couple who’re enjoying their day, and have strengthened their security of some vulenrable spots that the group could attack.

The members of the group have claimed that the “lovers day” is against Indian culture, and instead of taking responsibilty of the ruckus their actions might create, they have blamed the western culture for influencing the Indian children, who then ruin their careers and day by celebrating with their loved ones. Not that it matters, but no one asked them if these children also have a free will in a democratic country or should their decision be influenced by the group members whims.

Shiv Sena from Maharashtra, however has decided that it won’t interrupt or participate in the celebrations of the Valentines day. Previously, the group has also been responsible for making ruckus on the day, assaulting couples or abusing them. Bajrang Dal, hasn’t stopped though, and has already put out posters warning against the celebrations, while also comparing it to Love Jihad.

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