HD Kumaraswamy breaks down during event, while talking about Coalition government

HD Kumaraswamy breaks down during event, while talking about Coalition government

Chief Minister of Karnataka, HD Kumaraswamy broke down yesterday during a party meeting, as he spoke about the coalition with Janta Dal Party. He also compared himself to Hindu god, Lord Shiva, and how, he had to drink poison and saved the world from apocalypse. The Congress-Janta Dal alliance was considered a perfect response to BJP and restricting it from assuming power, but, if there had been hopes of a good partnership, at least yet, it has proven to be a rather tumultuous relationship. There have been slight misunderstandings over the budget of the state, the portfolios.

Kumaraswamy declared that he was not happy with the situation, he said that even as the people were standing before his house to welcome him with flowers and smiles, but he has become a Vishkant, swallowing the pain that has been caused by the government.

He had previously said, while taking the oath as the chief minister of Karnataka, that even though he had assumed a powerful position, he was not happy to take it because he had not been able to acquire the trust of the people. He had believed that the public is going to trust him in the elections, but it was just an illusion. His comments and actions on the stage are now being mocked by the social media, many of whom have described the crying as just an attempt to show himself in a good light while maligning the others. There is no proof either way, if he is acting or it was really a genuine show of emotion, but it only highlights the rift in the Karnataka government that was caused due to the elections and the need to make a coalition.

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