EVM tampering: Hardik Patel blames BJP of hijacking votes

EVM tampering: Hardik Patel blames BJP of hijacking votes

Hardik Patel continued to raise Questions over EVM. According to the reports, hours after Patidar leader Hardik Patel alleged that BJP was planning to carry out large-scale EVM tampering, Congress in charge Ashok Gehlot on Saturday raised doubts over the EVM. And in the press conference, Ashok Gehlot said the questions raised over EVM should be answered. Hardik Patel claimed that BJP is planning to carry out large-scale EVM tampering during the countings of Gujarat elections on Monday. However, this is not the first time when the opposition is criticising BJP with EVM tampering issues and other factors.

On Saturday, Ashok Gehlot spoke over Hardik Patel’s allegation. And in support of Hardik Patel, the Congress party asked the answers to the questions raised over EVM’s. He further said that the doubts should be resolved and it is necessary for the democracy as the elections are unbiased. In the series of tweets, PAAS leader Hardik Patel put the allegations on BJP party that it will win the Gujarat Assembly elections with the help of EVM tampering, however, it will lose in Himachal Pradesh so that fingers should not be pointed on it.

In the irrational comments of the parties over each other has prompted Gujarat Elections. However, the victory of BJP in Gujarat has ensured by the exit polls of the various media organisations. In the exit polls, media organisations claimed that BJP would get more than 100 out of 182 seats. After this, the PAAS leader came up with the contradictory comments to pull down BJP. Hardik Patel has extensively campaigned against the BJP and has concluded the voting with another irrational comment. The countings of the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly election will take place tomorrow. Also, tomorrow the CM candidates post will be chosen for the winning party across Himachal and Gujarat.

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