Google and NASA scientist discovers two new planets in solar system

Google and NASA scientist discovers two new planets in solar system

Google and NASA scientist claims to find two new planets in our solar system. In a statement, the agency said that with the help of advanced computer analysis they have identified two new planets around distant stars. The researchers of Google and the University of Texas at Austin used data from NASA’s new computer program that gather  information faster and more in-depth than humanly possible. This technique is known as machine learning.

The data collected from the Kepler telescope which NASA launched into space in 2009 as part of a planet-finding mission and it is expected to end its operation by next year as the spacecraft runs out of fuel.

The researchers say this is the first time Astronomers observed an eight-planet network beside the solar system that includes Earth. NASA project scientist for the Kepler space telescope, Jessie Dotson said, “who knows what might be discovered, As the application of neutral networks to Kepler data matures,” he further added, “I’m on the edge of my seat.”

In recent years, to tackle data analysis in science, finance and other industries by automated software is possible due to advancements in hardware and new techniques in machine learning. Christopher Shallue, an artificial intelligence researcher and senior software engineer at Google Al, and Andrew Vanderburg, an astronomer at the University of Texas at Austin, says that they will continue to analyze Kepler data on more than 150,000 other stars.

Mr. Shalue is the one who came up with the idea of acquiring data from Kepler telescope, said Jessie Dotson. The Kepler mission have huge data so it makes it impossible to analyze it manually by scientist. Aimed at distant planet researchers, Mr. Vanderburg has received funding through a NASA fellowship. According to NASA, with this discovery our solar system is now tied to the most number of planets around a single star.

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