GIA Poll 2017: Narendra Modi ranks third, the highest for an Indian Prime Minister

GIA Poll 2017: Narendra Modi ranks third, the highest for an Indian Prime Minister
Written by Abhishek Rana

Narendra Modi seems to have gained popularity across the world, as he was ranked third in the poll research that was done by Gallup International Association. This marks an astonishing rise in the worldwide recognition of the Prime Minister of India, as none of the previous leaders have even come close to be being as popular as Modi. At the top of the list is German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, while Emmanuel Marco has achieved second position. Donald Trump, however, has experienced the worst drop for an American President, plummeting to the tenth position in the list. Barack Obama, on the other had, had been placed number one on the list two years ago, so it is already an evidence of his the decisive nature of his leadership and the changes in the perception of people.

According to the statistics, Modi scored 30 positive and 22 negative points, and a nett score of 8, which is lower than those of Angela (21) and Emmanuel (20). It is interesting to not that Modi has gained much fame overseas even as decisions in India have been criticized heavily by political parties and even the general public.

His reputation was severely affected by the decision to implement that demonetization strategy, that was a failure and caused a lot of havoc and unrest in the country for months.

Apart from Modi, Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, has been placed on 6th position on the list, while the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, another controversial figure, held 4th place on the list.

Narendra Modi is most unpopular in Pakistan, South Korea and Palestine, while he is beloved in Vietnam, Fiji and Afganistan. The list is a fascinating tool for everyone who wants to measure the amount of influence and impact the leaders of different countries have on the world.

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