Geminid meteor shower 2018:Know the best time to watch in India

Geminid meteor shower 2018:Know the best time to watch in India

All the stargazers are excited for this extraordinary cosmic display on December 14th.  This meteor shower said to be different from others and can penetrate deeper into the earth’s atmosphere. This Geminid meteor shower is going to be active till early hours of Friday and the best time to witness it from the midnight till 2 am today. Sky gazers can spot this with no equipment but it will take good determination to stand out in chilling winter night. During this month we can usually be relay on Gemind meteor shower peaks as Northern Hemisphere gets hit with winter rewarding us with beautiful venture out into night sky.

During this shower, you can see visible sky creating along glowing arcs in different colours. As Geminids travel slower and burn bright and is more visible than any others meteors. According to astronomer Paul Cox, the best conditions to witness this classy Geminids Meteor shower this year will be just before midnight and till passing hours of 2 am in India. Not only this, this Geminids going to be historically close and will be visible for few nights even after December 16 at some of the areas in the globe. This is going to bonus for sky gazers who can’t get enough from the beauty of the sky.

During this shower you will be able to witness over hundred sky shooting in less than an hour till the time it remains dark in the sky. The spectacular display can be enjoyed through out the shower across different locations in India and around the globe.  The best part of this shower is, there will be no need for any special equipment to view the Geminid Meteor shower. People who staying at higher altitudes will be able to get a better view of the show. So go ahead and enjoy this meteor shower as this is going to be last one of this year. You can also try binoculars or telescope for better and remarkable view during the shower.

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