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Ganesh Chaturthi 2017 messages, wishes, quotes, SMS, Whatsapp messages and Whatsapp status

Ganesh Chaturthi 2017 messages, wishes, quotes, SMS, Whatsapp messages and Whatsapp status

Finally, the auspicious festival Ganesh Chaturthi is back again for all the devotees of Lord Ganesh. This festival celebrated across India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal with more enthusiasm, fun, dance, dhols, music, and sweets. Ganesh Chaturthi festival marks the birth of Lord Ganesh. This festival typically falls at the end of August and the start of September. This year Ganesh Chaturthi celebrates for 11 days as it starts from 25th August-6th September 2017. Everyone gears up to welcome Lord Ganesh with their preparations and decorations for the day that attracts Lord Ganesh. So, on the favorite festival Ganesh Chaturthi, we share some messages, SMS, wishes and WhatsApp status that you will send to your friends, family or can put a WhatsApp status on this festival.

Here are the Happy Ganesh Chaturthi  Messages, Quotes, Wishes, SMS and Whatsapp Status

“Om Gan Ganapatay Namo Namah! Shri Siddhivinayak Namo Namah! Asta Vinayak Namo Namah! Ganapati Bappa Moraiya!”

“Ganesh Chaturthi SMSGanapati – Lord of all Gods
Alampata – Infinite Lord
Nideeshwaram – Bestower of Treasures & Riches
Eshanputra – Son of Lord Shiva
Siddhidata – Giver of Success
Harida – Golden colored
Avighna – Remover of all difficulties & obstacles
May Lord Ganesha
Showers his finest blessings on you…
Today and always.
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!”

“Ganesh Ji Ka Roop Nirala Hai Chehra Bhi Kitna Bhola Bhala Hai Jise Bhi Aati Hai Koi Musibat Use Inhi Ne To Sambhala Hai Jai Shri Ganesha Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.”
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“Vakratund mahakay
Suryakoti samprabha
Nirvighnam Kurume devam
Sarvakaryesu sarvada”
Happy Ganesh Chturthi.”

“Smiling is a sign of one’s good mood. Laughing is a sign of happiness. Praying is a sign of good faith. Have ‘YOU’ as my Friend is a sign of Ganesha’s Blessings! Happy Ganesh Chaturthy.
“@(. = .)@
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()( /. )( )
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi…”

“Bakthi Ganapati Sakthi Ganapati Siddhi Ganapati Lakshmi Ganapati Maha Ganapati May This Ganesh Chaturthi Brings You, Bakthi, Shakthi, Siddhi, Laskhmi And Maha Samriddhi!
Ganesh Ji Ka Roop Nirala Hai
Chehra Bhi Kitna Bhola Bhala Hai
Jise Bhi Aati Hai Koi Musibat
Use Inhi Ne To Sambhala Hai
Jai Shri Ganesha..
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you and ur Family.”

“आपका सुख गणेश के पेट जितना बड़ा हो,
आपका दुःख उदर जैसा छोटा हो,
आपका जीवन गणेश जी की सूंड जितना बड़ा हो,
आपके बोल मोदक जैसे मीठे हो।”

“Wish you a blessed Ganesh Chaturthi
and many Prosperous days ahead
May the Blessings of Lord Ganesha
Continue to Shine on you and your Family.
Aapka aor khushiyo ka janam janam ka sath ho
Aap ki tarakki ki har kisi ki zuban par baat ho,
Jab bhi koyi mushkil aaye,
My friend Ganesha humesha aap ke saath ho”

“Happy Ganesh Chaturthi
Ganesh ji ka roop nirala hain,
Chehra b kitna bhola bhala hai
Jise bhi aati hain koyi musibat
Use inhi ne to sambhala hain.”

“Happy Ganesh Chaturthi
Admi nadi me dub raha tha bola- GaneshJi bachao.
GaneshJi Dance karne lage.
Aadmi- aap nach kyo rahe ho?
Ganesh- mere visarjan me tu bahut nacha!”

“Aate bade dhoom se ganpati ji,
jaate bade dhoom se ganpati ji,
aakhir sabse pahale aakar,
hamare dilon me bas jate ganpati ji.
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!!”

“Ek Do Teen Char
Ganapathi Ki Jay Jay Kaar
Paanch Chai Saat Aaath
Ganapati Hai Sabke saath
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi”

“Ganesh ki jyoti se noor milta hai,
sabke dilon ko surur milta hai,
jobhi jaata hai Ganesh ke dwaar,
kuch na kuch zarror milta hai,

“Hoping that this Ganesh Chaturthi will be,
the start of the year that brings the happiness,
that lord Ganesh fills your home with prosperity & fortune”

“May Lord Ganesha shower plentiful good fortunes on you and may He generally present you with His gifts! Cheerful Ganesh Chaturthi!”

“May you discover every one of the joys of life, may everything you could ever hope for working out as expected. Cheerful Ganesh Chaturthi”

“Wishing you Lots of bliss and Lord Ganesha’s Blessings on the favorable event of “Ganesh Chathruti”. Appreciate the celebration Advance Ganesh Chaturthi wishes.”

“May Lord Ganesh give you achievement in every one of your Endeavors – Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.”

“Hoping this Ganesh Chaturthi Will be the begin of the year that Brings bliss for you – Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.”

“May Lord Ganesha favor you with common bounties and keep you and your family shielded from hindrances constantly! Cheerful Ganesh Chaturthi!!”

“My Lord Ganesh favor you and your family with peace and joy. I wish You Happy GANESH CHATURTHI”

“May the Lord vighna Vinayaka evacuate all deterrents and give you bounties. Upbeat Ganesh Chaturthi”

“Gajanana Shri Ganaraya aadi vandu tujha Moraya
Ganpati Bappa Morya!Mangal Murti Morya
Cheerful Ganesh Chaturthi.”

“May the master Ganpati Bappa Morya expel all impediments and give you bounties Jai Shree Ganpati Morya.”

“I realize that Ganesha is content with me…
For he has made my life so rich
with a companion like you.
Glad Ganesh Chaturthi.”

“I generously wish May Lord Ganesha filled your home with bliss and satisfaction.
– Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.”

“I wish u HAPPY GANESH PUJA and implore God for your prosperous life May you discover all the affection forever may ur all fantasies materialize. Glad Ganesh Chaturthi.”

“Gajanana Shri Ganaraya aadi vandu tujha Moraya Ganpati Bappa Morya! Mangal Murti Morya Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.”

“I wish u Happy Ganesh Chaturthi and I implore God for your prosperous life. May you discover every one of the joys of life, May your everything dreams come true.”

“May the Lord Vigna vighna Vinayaka evacuate all obstructions and give you blessings Jai Shri Siddhi Vinayaka Ganesha”

May Lord Ganpati give all of you the delights and bliss of life… Jai Siddhivinayak ji. Upbeat Vinayaka Chaturthi.

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