Fodder Scam: Lalu Prasad Yadav’s fate to be decided today

Fodder Scam: Lalu Prasad Yadav’s fate to be decided today
Written by Abhishek Rana

Lalu Prasad has been accused of corruption in five cases in the Fodder Scam, and four of  which are still to have a conclusive decision, but which alleges that he embezzled Rs 84.5 Lakh and other funds from the Deoghar district treasury between 1994 and 1996. When the scam surface in the Media, and then in the public consciousness, it resulted in the end of Lalu’s term as Chief Minister of Bihar. Other, 34 personas have also been accused of corruption in the case, including Jagannath Mishra, who was also the former Chief Minister of Bihar. Earlier, Lalu had been convicted of corruption and sentenced to 5 years in jail because of embezzling Rs. 37.5 crores from the Chaibasa treasury.

But, he couldn’t be convicted of all the five cases that were made against him, as the Jharkhad High Court had to stay the trail, because a person can’t be convicted on five consecutive cases when there is very less evidence and people who can provide their testimonies in the court relating to the charges.

Even though there is doubt that he will be convicted, because there isn’t evidence to make convictions on the four charges, Lalu has said that whatever the result, it won’t adversely affect RJD, because his sons, Tej Pratap Singh and Tejashwi Prasad Singh will still be in full rein of the party.

The Fodder scam is the third case of corruption that is receiving a judgement, as the 2G scam and Aadarsh Scam had come under heavy scrutiny of media and the public when both of the accused were acquitted because of the lack of evidence in the cases against them. The Public sentiment has been on the rise after the acquittals and some are hoping to find any kind of justice in the corruption cases and punishment for all the leaders who committed the acts.

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