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Elphinstone Road Station renamed as Prabhadevi kills 22 commuters in stampede

Elphinstone Road Station renamed as Prabhadevi kills 22 commuters in stampede
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Elphinstone station commuter stampede on Railway bridge by a monsoon storm on Friday morning that killed over 22 people. Many actors, writers and celebrities overflowed with their thoughts over the situation. The lyricist and poet Javed Akhtar said “Don’t bother about the stampedes. Let’s rush to change the names of the places.This is more important than the life of an average Indian.” While the comedian Sapan Verma tweeted “Please don’t blame the govt for not doing any work. They changed Oshiwara station’s name to Ram Mandir and that’s why nobody died there.” As per the reports, dozens of people took shelter on the bridge from the sudden thunderstorm that led to the deadly stampede.

The incident occurred after the heavy rains lashed Mumbai and all the passengers took shed on the foot overbridge where front people slipped and the huge crowd toppled that leads to the stampede, as per the reports, many people get panicked after hearing the bridge has collapsed which led the severe situation at Mumbai Railway station. This year in July the Elphinstone Road Station was renamed as Prabhadevi after the Hindu goddess Prabhavati Devi by the state and centre. The Elphinstone Road station was named to honour John Elphinstone who served as the Governor of Bombay from 1853 to 1860. However, in July, the name was changed to the Prabhadevi station despite any construction.

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