Divya Spandana Ramya resigned as Congress Social Media Cell head? Yes or No

Divya Spandana Ramya resigned as Congress Social Media Cell head? Yes or No

Congress Social Media Cell head Divya Spandana has been resigned from her post. According to the sources, Spandana will no longer work as the Congress’s social media coordinator. Sources also say that she will be posted to another important post in the party. However, it is not officially announced by the vibrancy or the Congress party. In the last week, an FIR has been lodged in Lucknow against the Divya Spandana against treason and IT Act for making objectionable tweets to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. ‘It is believed that due to this she resigned from the post. Advocate Syed Rizwan Ahmed, who filed the FIR, had said that ‘Divya’s tweet was offensive. The post over the prime minister is a sign of our country’s sovereignty and republic. The tweet is a disgrace to our country. She has defamed this post and the country. ‘

Former Congress MP and party social media cell convener Divya Spandana had targeted PM Modi in the case of Rafael deal. Spandana tweeted a controversial photo of PM Narendra Modi. In this case advocate, Syed Rizwan Ahmed filed an FIR, against them in the Gomtinagar police station in Lucknow, sedition and under the IT Act. According to the police, investigating the case was handed over to Cyber Cell by lodging an FIR against Divya on Tuesday (September 25th).

Actually, Divya had posted the last tweet on 29 September. Since then, she did not post any tweets until October 3. She did not even Tweeted on Gandhi and Shastri Jayanti and did not make any tweets even with the Congress program in Wardha. Prior to this, she tweeted at every opportunity. However, after her resignation in social media, she has retweeted Rahul’s tweet and has tried to give an indication that she is still on her own post.

The news on social media was frequently viral that the Divya Spandana had resigned from the Congress social media cell and she is likely getting the suggestion to join BJP IT Cell. Divya said that the foolish people are talking like this.

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